A friendly and skilled back pain therapist

Headed by Nicola Bulcock, Back 2 Normal Clinic is known not only for our technical expertise, but also our positive attitude and friendly character. You can always expect a warm welcome when you visit us. If you’re a first time visitor to our premises we’ll be delighted to advise you and showcase the fantastic benefits our treatments can bring you. To find out more, contact us. We’re based in Burnley, Lancashire.

We can refer to recommended experts when required.

Please note deposits of £25 are taken on booking to secure your appointment. 24 hour cancellation policy in place.

Quality back pain relief treatment

Back pain can lead to serious consequences and shouldn't be ignored for any reason. If you're having back pain quite frequently, then get in touch with Back 2 Normal Clinic. Our therapist, Nicola Bulcock, is highly qualified and has a wealth of experience treating back pain. If you're in Burnley or within its 20-mile radius including Manchester, contact us.


Therapy to meet your requirements

Can’t get through to a GP since covid?

Do you suffer back pain?

Do you suffer from sciatica?

Lower back pain from sitting too long?

Difficulty sleeping?

Finding it hard to exercise or do everyday tasks due to pain?

Contact us today, we can help you.

Nicola Bulcock's qualifications

  •  Personal trainer
  •  Nutrition and weight management
  •  Exercise and General Patrician Referral
  •  Client lifestyle and fitness
  •  Business and marketing
  •  Training in different environments
  •  Low back pain management certificate
  •  Level 4 Sports Massage
  • The vital shoulder complex master-class- John Gibbons
  • Pelvis, sacroiliac Joint & Lumbar Spine – John Gibbons

Contact us today

Whether you’re looking for a back pain specialist or online exercise training programme, get in touch with us. Based on your requirements we’ll tailor our therapy to meet your needs and budget. If you have any queries about our services, then please feel free to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to help you.